English Language Teaching in “Post-Method” Era: Toward Better Diagnosis, Treatment, and Assessment

  • Brown, H.D. (?). English language teaching in “Post-Method” era: Toward better diagnosis, treatment, and assessment. In J.C Richards & W.A. Renandya (Eds.), Methodology in language teaching: An anthology of current practice (pp. 9-18 ). UK: 2002.

Abstract: In this article, Brown discusses a number of reasons for the decline of the notion of methods in current status of language teaching discussions. He also characterizes the basis of language teaching pedagogy in terms of 12 principles namely automaticity, meaningful learning, the anticipation of reward, intrinsic motivation, strategic investment, language ego, self-confidence, risk taking, the language-culture connection, the native language effect, interlanguage, and communicative competence, that reflect current research and theory about second language acquisition.


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